C.cada Flash Fiction Exercise

One of the latest stories out of C.cada

DebBe Still and Listen

C.cada is a community for Christian artists to get together and practice their art work whether it be writing, painting, pencil drawings, water-color,  photography, wood carving, musical/instrumental, fabric art, etc.  Pastor J of Lillie-Put is the founder of C.cada (Cornerstone Christian Artist Day Apart).  Pastor J gave us a flash fiction writing exercise in which we could choose one of the three photos he displayed as prompts and write a short story 200 words or less.   Pastor J will be posting other stories at Lillie-Put  sometime in the future.  This was the prompt I chose.

Sunset Prayer Sunset Prayer

His Promises

By Deb Maciorowski

I could no longer wrap my mind around the recent events. Inconsolable and unable to fathom what transpired less than forty-eight hours ago. Would I ever understand? How could I?

As I walked along the path my mind was flooded with His words. ‘I’ll never leave you nor forsake…

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