Identity, Struggle, and Potential

For all who struggle. An invitation to seek.

Growing Up, God, and Being Busy

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Today I’d like to share another post being transparent in my struggle and what I’m learning from it. Today I want to talk about Identity.

I’ve been struggling with knowing who I really am for some time. I often feel that I’m not the same person as I used to be, that I’m not reaching my full potential. Feeling confident is hard, but it never used to be.

One day, I found an article written by a psychologist about identity crisis. She wrote that people start to question their identity after a foundational shift in their life, whether it is where they work, live, or in family situations, etc. I realized this is my problem. Not only did I start college, but I don’t have a room at home anymore, and my family is turned upside down.  With this happening, I have lost a foundation- a norm that has been…

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