I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.

It is time to dream again. But not the dreams of men. Let us dream the dreams of God.


Dreams are curious, but fascinating things.  Sometimes we remember them and sometimes we don’t.  We can dream about things that make us happy or sad.  We can dreams about fanciful things or about everyday events.  We can even have repeat dreams about the same thing.


But I don’t dream,” you might say. Well, that’s not exactly true. According to EvangelicalOutreach.com, Scientific studies have shown that everyone ever studied dreams, and so it’s generally accepted that everyone dreams.  Sleep studies have shown that we go through several cycles of light to very deep sleep each night. One phase of each cycle is called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. Whenever a researcher woke up a sleeper in REM sleep and asked what was happening, the sleeper always said, “I was dreaming.” In fact, even animals experience REM sleep, so we surmise that they, too, dream—but we cannot communicate with them…

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