Fasting and Prayer

I think answering Deb’s final question after seeking God is each of our next steps

DebBe Still and Listen

  Every January our whole church is asked to participate in a fasting and prayer time for usually a 21 day fast. Although, this year we have been called to do a 10 day fast now and another one in the fall. Many of us seek God’s direction for the coming year and many seek healing of an illness, and many seek salvation for loved ones, not to mention many other reasons.

The first time I participated in the 21 day fast I was a new believer and didn’t really know what to expect. I have to say I was not a happy camper because of the caffeine headache was brutal for the first few days of it but then I acclimated okay. You see the first year I did the fast I really didn’t understand the importance of the prayer aspect of the fast. I mean I prayed…

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