Pastor Wrinkles: Paying the Asking Price Pt. 4


Today we are concluding this series from Luke Chapter 14 on Paying the Asking Price. If you have missed any of our previous discussions go to:

Now on to our conclusion

Whatever your rhema Word (see pt. 2 for the discussion on rhema) is this year. Whatever God is telling you about your future there is going to be a price for that future with Jesus.

The cost might be forgiving someone who has wronged you terribly. The cost might be giving up a relationship that holds you back from getting closer to Jesus. The cost might be swallowing your pride and reentering a relationship you know is good for you. The cost might be more giving if you are stingy or it could be less giving if you are codependent. The cost might be inconveniencing yourself and your family in order to serve God in some ministry. It might be getting a new job or it might be sucking it up and being joyful in the job you’ve got.

I can tell you this the cost is never fun to pay. The longer you look at it and ponder whether or not you should pay it the less you will want to. But when you bite the bullet and pay the price whatever it is, you open up your life to God’s blessing and you open up your life to see the rhema word fulfilled successfully.

Moondustwriter, a blogger friend of mine, wrote these words on a recent poetry forum

Worth Giving

“Give your life away”

was all the message

had to say

it seems a cold hard voice

that makes me take

the sacrificial choice

But as you offer up your hand

another life has the

opportunity to stand.

go visit Moondustwriter at

The choice can seem hard. But once it is made the blessings begin to flow and what you will receive is ultimately worth far more than anything you give away. To quote and old adage, “you cannot out-give God.” To quote an even older Scripture “Give and it shall be given you full measure pressed down shaken together and overflowing.” Luke 6:38

What choice is God leading you to today?

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