My Year In Books

Thanksgiving Light

I have often heard it said that good writers are good readers. Reading is for the soul what food is for the body. So in 2014 I decide to keep track of what I read:

Here is my 2014 reading list

The Revelation of Jesus Christ- St. John

Isaiah- Isaiah

The Navigator- Clive Cussler

The Runes Of the Earth- Stephen Donaldson

The Gospel According to Matthew- Matthew

The Artisan Soul- Erwin Mcmanus

Ezekiel- Ezekiel

Toward Daylight- Tracy Lee Karner

The Gospel According to Mark- John Mark

The Gospel According to John- St. John

A Divine Revelation Of Hell- Mary K. Baxter

A History Of Silence- John Boyne

the Seal- Adriana Koulias

The Book Of Psalms

The Hawk Of May- Gillian Bradshaw

The Gospel According To Luke- Luke

1 Peter- Peter

The Book Of Hebrews- Author Unknown

Astonished- Mike Erre

Colossians- Paul

2 Peter- Peter

Philippians- Paul

The Kingdom Of Summer- Gillian Bradshaw

Humility- Andrew Murray

In Winter’s Shadow- Gillian Bradshaw

Totem Book 1: Scars- C Michael Lorion

The Thwarted Queen- Cynthia Sally Haggard

The Book Of Proverbs- Solomon

Prophetical Priestly Ministry- Darius L. Salter

Ecclesiates- Solomon

Resistance- Martin Lake

Wasteland- Martin Lake

Song Of Solomon- Solomon

Broken Pieces- Charles Hamlett

Jeremiah- Jeremiah

I Will Be Near To You-  Erin Lindsay McCabe

Don’t Go- Lisa Scottoline

So tell me what are you reading?

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