Weekly Travel Theme Slow

This week Ailsa has asked us to travel with her to the land of : SLOW.

You can mosey on over to her place and see how others have interpreted the theme by going to:


Here are my takes on the subject…

winter 2

Snow is one of the few things that actually slows me down. When it’s impossible to drive you have to say no to activity. I love those mornings when the only sound you can hear in the neighborhood is the sound of snow falling and the slicing of shovels.

Irish Fishing

These fishermen in Killarney were taking it slow.

“Love has something to do with recognition, We can be fascinated by the unknown, we can be attracted by it, but love is something that grows, slowly, in an atmosphere of trust.” Peter HoegIreland 517


I wonder how slowly this heart was formed and for whom?

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