A Season of Shaking

In our seasons of shaking may God give us grace to walk.

DebBe Still and Listen

The last couple of weeks God has brought up the subject of trust. As I was meditating on ‘trust’ all I kept hearing was “Trust Me, Trust Me”. My first thoughts were, of course, I trust you, God!  In fact, I trust You with everything.  As I went about my week it seemed liked everything I picked up to read or listen to was all about trust some way or another.

Sometimes it takes me a little while to catch on, hence my blog title, be still and listen. lol  I’m like, okay God I’m hearing You and You want me to concentrate on trusting You.  In the stillness and quietness of my prayer closet God spoke to me and said;

“You need to Trust Me and dig your feet in for a season of shaking.”

I believe that season is rapidly approaching, if it’s not here…

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