Skywatch Friday and Redemption


This incredible rainbow appeared over our town hall last night after the day’s torrential rains.

It reminded me of this verse in the Bible.

When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28

We have ebola. We have the entero virus. We have war all over the world. We have weapons of mass destruction being discovered where people assured us there were none. We have fear and anger and well the list just goes on forever it seems. But we also have the promises of God and the good news of the gospel. I can still sing “Jesus Loves Me” and “This World Is Not My Home” and those two things are the truth unshakeable.

Ebola can come. War can come. People can hate me, curse me and hurt me but in the end all these troubles will pass away and I will stand in the garden again with my Jesus and sing! And so can anyone who comes to the cross and receives the grace of the One True Messiah of mankind! Now that is good news that no amount of bad news can undo!

6 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday and Redemption

  1. Oh WOW, did I ever need this today–perfect timing, Pastor Joe–thank you, and God bless you BIG. By the by, if you get a quick minute, come on over to Deb’s birthday party at my blog–we saved some cake for ya!!

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