Xerox, Kleenex, Jello, and Frisbees

What’s in THE NAME.


Every so often a company creates a product that is so innovative and long-lasting that they become proprietary eponyms.  Proprietary eponyms are brand names for products that are so popular that they become commonly used for the product even if it’s made by a different manufacturer.  Some examples include kleenex, jello, band-aid, white out, frisbee, and scotch tape.  Older folks may even remember “fridge” from Frigidair refrigerators,  “xerox” from Xerox copy machines, and “windex” from Windex glass cleaner.


So names can be important.  When children are born, often the parents look for the literal meaning of the name itself.  Or there may be a great significance to the name within the paternal or maternal side of the family.  Last names are gaining in importance in the U.S. as more and more people become interested in tracing their ancestry.  My wife and I have become very interested in tracing our family backgrounds for the…

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