Satan wants you in church…

The difference between religion and relationship.

Oh So Simple Truths

…To read your bible.

…To join a small group.

…To go on a missions trip.

…To go to Bible College.

…To find the man/woman of your dreams.

…To find the cure for cancer.

…To be blessed beyond measure.

…To give to charity.

…To find your dream job.

…To lose weight.

…To get strong.

…To teach others how to be healthy.

…To take care of the planet.

…To love your life.


What could the reason be that Satan would want you to do all these seemingly good and Godly things? Isn’t he evil and trying to get us to not do those things? Your wrong Brad, Satan wouldn’t want me to do any of those things, God wants me to do all those things!

Slow your roll playa’, let me explain something.

There are too many people who think they are doing good things, and while in themselves they are…

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