The Truck or the Shadow…?

The shadows are nothing in light of the Light!


Billy Graham tells the story of Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse who was an American Presbyterian clergyman.  His first wife died from cancer while still in her thirties.  At the time, all his children were under the age of twelve.  He had such victory over his grief that he decided to preach the funeral sermon himself.

While en route to the funeral, they were overtaken by a large truck, which as it passed by them, cast a large shadow over their car.  He asked on of his children, “Would you rather be run over by that truck or by its shadow?”

“By the shadow, of course!” replied the twelve-year-old daughter.  “A shadow can’t hurt you”

With that answer, Dr. Barnhouse said to his three motherless children, Your mother been overrun not by death, but by the shadow of death.”  At the funeral he spoke on Psalm 23: Though I walk through…

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