A Heart Burdened

Through the eyes pf a child.

DebBe Still and Listen


 What burdens your heart?  Is it godly or worldly things or is it the God things of this world?  Last week I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Another Red Letter Day by Ben Nelson which  led me to his article “Is A Holocaust on the Horizon?” on Comments on Christianity.  I told my son about what was happening over in the middle-east and I read most of Ben’s post to him and the first thing he said was,

“That is just like what happened in WWII except they had to wear the Star of David.”  I said he was absolutely right.  He then asked, “Why would someone do that now because we’re not in WWll, right, Mom?”

What you have to understand is that my son is autistic and he takes everything literally, especially every word.  I explained that he was right, we are not in WWll…

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