The Right Side of Heaven


Billy Graham tells the story of a young girl who was taking a walk with her father one evening.  Looking up at the stars, she exclaimed, Daddy, if the wrong side of heaven is so beautiful, what must the right side be! 

Many years ago, I heard Pat Boone share his early childhood definition of heaven. It suddenly occurred to him while he was sitting (or was it squirming?) in church, agonizing through one of the pastor’s typically long and boring sermons. Heaven, Pat reasoned, was going to be just like church—one thousand years—ten thousand years—forever. It was almost too much to handle. To Pat, such a state of affairs seemed more like purgatory than perfection.

But the little girl was right.  No matter how beautiful or wonderful things may appear on earth, Heaven will be more beautiful and more wonderful.  Think of all the wonderful and beautiful things we have…

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