You Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan 1979)

Whom do you serve?


With the weather getting warmer in our area, I have begun to think about going to the beach.  That reminded me of a time many years ago when my wife and I had organized a beach trip to Rhode Island for our church youth group.  While we were having a great time in the water, we noticed a heavy-set woman near us who seemed to be in distress.  It turned out, that she was caught in an undertow and couldn’t get back to shore.  Fortunately, one of the young men in our group and I were able to maneuver her back to land.  The world we live in is like the ocean; there are currents and undertows that run counter to our safety.  So, too (as Billy Graham says),there is an undertow, a subtle current, which runs against and in contradiction to the will and way of God.  Its eddies are…

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