#100happydays Day 4

I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy.

Paula Cole

I am so glad my friends Nicole and Liz gave me the encouragement to take this challenge. Finding something to be happy about everyday is something we should all do and each day I am finding myself encouraged in the small things I would otherwise fail to notice.

For instance, I thought this would be an off year for some of my fruit trees. I was going to especially miss the sour cherries. They make such good jam; But when I checked the tree this morning here’s what I found.

100_3875 Sour cherry jam here we come.




Check out Nicole’s smiles here:


And join in on Liz’ jocularity at:




9 thoughts on “#100happydays Day 4

  1. I’m SO glad you’re participating in the challenge! And I have to agree… The challenge is helping me notice the little things too. I was driving today and couldn’t help but notice how happy the big, puffy clouds made me feel. (I didn’t get to snap a pic this time though). But still, there is so much simple beauty around us, and it can be so easy to overlook. 🙂

    • This particular jam is made from what we call in our neck of the woods “choke cherries” They are more seed than flesh but when you boil the flesh off of them they make a very tart jam that goes wonderfully with butter.

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