One Month Later…

The Lord will bear us up but we must put ourselves in His hands!


On the evening of April 21st, my wife’s oldest sister passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Later that night I had what we think was a bad reaction to prescribed medication and I blanked out at the wheel and totaled my car.  My airbag didn’t deploy, so I face-planted into the steering wheel and ended up with two very large black eyes, two completely bruised arms, bruised ribs and a wrenched back.  While never losing consciousness, I couldn’t recognize my wife at the hospital.  I somehow lost 3+ days from my memory.  A few days later, our very affectionate 19 year-old cat had to be put to sleep.  And then my family doctor told me I needed to lose 90 pounds.  I was on the verge of a serious personal pity party.


You’ve all had times like this, where it seems that everything that could go wrong did go wrong. …

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