Christianity & Islam- Portraits of Extremists

I loved the comments on Christian extremists in this article.


Well, since I have taken on the gay marriage crowd, tremendously effectively I might add, I thought, “Boy howdy, I love to be maligned and to suffer. What other topic am I supposed to have only the politically correct opinion of?”


I should have a go at The Religion of Peace.

My daughter came home from church Sunday telling me that we must pray for a woman named Meriam who lives in Africa and who is going to be murdered because she is a Christian.  Of course, I already knew about Mrs. Ibrahim from the Facebook frenzy that her death sentence created.   This courageous woman, who was raised a Christian, who IS a Christian, is apparently considered “Muslim” according to the Koran. When your dead-beat father abandons you and happens to be Muslim, so are you. Mrs. Ibrahim is guilty of “adultery” because she married an American man.  So, eight months pregnant…

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