I See Men As Trees Walking…

A word about our healing!


Our family has been going through a trying time as a beloved sister is in the final stages of cancer.  Like anyone else, I wonder why God sometimes heals immediately and completely and at other times does not.  I know He can heal and I know He does heal and I know He wants to heal.

So why is my sister-in-law dying?

Sickness and death entered the world when Adam and Eve sinned.  Our perfect bodies and our perfect environment began to die and decay.   Everyone but Enoch and Elijah would die a physical death.  They would be taken directly into God’s presence.  While not as prominent as healing miracles in the New Testament, there were miracles of healing in the Old Testament.  Elisha raised a child to life (2 Kings 4:35), healed Naaman of leprosy (2 Kings 5:10), and raised another man from the dead (2 Kings 13:21).  Elijah…

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