Soylent Green Is People

OK so maybe nobody who missed the seventies sci-fi scene (that’s how it was spelled then) will get this reference unless of course you happened to see the equally arcane scyfy movie from 2012 (that’s how they spell it now) Cloud Atlas; But the line kept coming to mind as I walked through Keukenhof Gardens last year.


It was forty-five degrees and raining. Still people chose to show up with no coats. So Keukenhof staff were handing out these green rain ponchos. The hood of this very economical rain gear came down just below the eye line; So people were walking around half blind trying to look at flowers ,cutting each other off at every turn.


After three hours of nearly being trampled upon by the men and women in green, my sister and I began warning each other of oncoming danger with the buzz words “Soylent green is people!” We’d laugh hysterically and that made getting stepped on almost all right.

When I came back to the states and downloaded my pictures I thought maybe I should just delete these but they make me laugh every time I see them. I haven’t the heart to let the joke go.

To see other odd ball photos go to:

8 thoughts on “Soylent Green Is People

  1. OMG I am lauUUUGHING outloud remembering that day! OH dear Lord that and the Umbrella people are coming….the Umbrella people! And I just got my ticket for this year. I am going next week. Hopefully it will be beautiful and no SOYLENTGREEN IS PEOPLE-People. 🙂

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