High Holy Week


I mentioned in an earlier post this week that I feel like the Lord is bringing many things together during this season of my life. I feel like I am on high alert and the that the world is just rushing by. Maybe that’s not quite right. Maybe it is me that is rushing by the world trumpeting as I go, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”

Holy Week always approaches with the force of a level five rapids but this year it feels more like I am heading towards Niagara in a barrel. Maybe I should be terrified; But I am exhilarated and filled with a powerful hope that the dead world around me is about to meet up with the resurrection power of Jesus:

I feel that as I prepare to head off to the sound stage to consult with one of our artists who is cutting his first album. I feel that as I load the sound system for Special Touch into my van for our monthly outreach. I feel it as I prepare for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter services next week. I feel it as I prepare for two town meetings concerning the makerspace/art center project. I even feel it as I prepare for two potential hospice visits and for two committal services scheduled for the week after Easter. I feel it… even better I feel Him in all these situations because I have called Him into them. He always answers when I call. I have hope and victory in all these situations because He walks with me in them.

As I think about it Holy week would not be holy if  Jesus had not chosen to involve himself in it. I suppose that means any moment or day or week into which I call His Spirit becomes a High Holy moment or day or week

What situations do you have to call Him into in order for your times to become holy?

10 thoughts on “High Holy Week

  1. All situations especially my marriage as it is the top priority of my life after God. However I realize that I don’t always call or invite the Holy Spirt to come into specific areas of my life. I tend to just go along and expect Him to be there. Everyday is a need opportunity to strive for better so today I will consciously invite the Holy Spirit into those specific areas of my day and life. Thanks as always for the uplifting post! God bless 😄

    • My pleasure. I love to hear about people inviting God to actively participate in their marriages. It is something we often forget that at the beginning of our marriages we made vows before God and HE is the one who bound us together.

  2. Into every situation! When I was doing youth ministry and Christian education, I consciously called Him into my work, a habit which carried through when I turned to writing. And it was easy to call him into the problematic areas–places I met my own fear and anxiety or powerlessness.

    It was not as “natural” to call Him into every situation, every moment of every day–into the books I read and the films I watch for entertainment, into my daydreams, into my casual conversations with friends, family, acquaintances and strangers, into my attitude toward people who annoy or anger me, into my indulgence toward people who flatter me…

    The “every day all day” awareness of His presence is something I only learned after living with my husband, who, without speaking much, simply demonstrates that awareness–although he has never been involved in any kind of professional ministry, he (mostly wordlessly) carries the Light of Jesus wherever he goes.

    Still, I must say that Holy Week always holds a spiritual power for me, one that reawakens me to the significance and meaning of His suffering, death and resurrection.

    • Thanks for the comment Tracy. It takes a very intentional mindset to call Jesus top invade every area of our lives and every bit of our work. How often do I sit down to write and forget that I need the Holy Spirit for inspiration? Far too many! Thanks for this reminder.

  3. Pastor J, this speaks volumes to me today, thank you! There is one particular area in my life I need to invite the Holy Spirit in constantly because I cannot do succeed in my own strength. It cannot be an open invitation either it has to be an intentional hand delivered invitation each time because I will begin to rely on myself and I know that does not help the situation. I thank God that He has never given up on me and that His grace and mercies are new every day! Amen!

  4. I do not believe you are the only one being put on “high alert” James. Keep alert the storm is on the horizon and we possess the key to hope.
    For me it’s a constant preparation for Holy Week sometimes sorrowing sometimes celebrating.
    Prepare ye the way!!!!

  5. The simple response to your question is ‘at all times, in all situations’ but that would be glossing over the challenge, wouldn’t it?
    When I was so very, very busy in ministry, it was natural to call on Him for the slightest little thing. I could never have achieved without Him. Now there isn’t the same intensity and urgency, I have to admit to sometimes forgetting that all I do is dependent on Him. I sometimes miss opportunities presented, and sometimes I rush in without first calling on Him to undertake and to supply the right words/approach/action.
    Thanks for the reminder and the challenge. May we ALWAYS be open to His leading and totally dependent on Him!

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