How Close Are You?

An awesome word on being God’s friend.

DebBe Still and Listen

I never thought of God as someone I could talk to like a best friend. I have always given Him the reverence He deserves but to talk to Him like a long-time friend really never crossed my mind. A couple of Sundays ago Pastor Donna Slocum and Pastor J Lillie performed a skit depicting how God wants to be our friend.  I truly had an epiphany while they were speaking.  I was not conversing with Him like He wanted me to.  I wasn’t treating him like a good friend never mind a best friend. I was holding back on our relationship. If someone heard me speaking to Him, one might say, ‘Why are you being so formal, Deb?’

I know I can tell Him anything and I do, but am I talking to Him like He’s my friend and the answer to that would be, No! Why am I having a hard time wrapping…

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