Turbo-Follow Week 8



Cornerstone Church Winchendon is into week  8 of a congregation-wide study written by, Daniel McNaughton and Bryan Koch, entitled Follow: Learning To Follow Jesus. Each Sunday our pastoral staff is preaching from one of the seven attributes covered in the book while the congregation reads the daily devotions and participates weekly in a life group focused around the topic at hand.


The group I am tasked with leading has been dubbed “Turbo Follow”. Rather than approaching the class as a traditional Bible study we have chosen to act as an accountability group. The class begins with a brief overview of the daily devotionals. Then participants break into smaller, accountability groups. Each group participant asks questions of their fellows concerning the teachings. At the end of each class individuals are asked to decide what God would have them do in light of what they have learned. Then we pray for each other. This week we will be discussing: Learning to manage our lives with Jesus help. 

This is our next to the last post for the Turbo-Follow group. I hope you have been having fun. Please let me know this week what you have been learning as you have FOLLOWED!

Last week we had our discussions on Learning to Pray  Here is a synopsis of each day’s devotional material:


Day 1- What prayer is not

Day 2- Prayer is about: relationship, respect and reign

Day 3- Prayer is about: food (daily bread) , forgiveness and freedom

Day 4- We must learn to pray through the pain by 1. Pouring out our souls to God 2. Letting God comfort us 3. Confessing any sin we have let in in our pain 4. Asking God to restore our souls 5. Identifying any lies we have come to believe in our pain 5. Replacing those lies with truth

Day 5- We must learn to do spiritual warfare

Here are the questions we asked of each other this week:

Turbo Follow Questions Week 7- Learn To Pray


  1. What was the Highlight of your week this week?


  1. What stood out to you as you worked through this week’s attribute?


  1. On Step 2 there was a discussion about areas where we have difficulty giving up control. Have you discovered anything that helps you with giving control of things over to God?


  1. What did you think of the process of praying through pain on day four? What stood out to you?


  1. Is there any area of pain we could pray with you about right now?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

8 thoughts on “Turbo-Follow Week 8

  1. The thing that stuck out to me was praying through the pain and that God is merciful. When I went through some inner healing sessions this was one area God helped me with. I mean there were things I was holding on to and I didn’t even realize it. God revealed the people I was holding resentment for things I thought I had taken care of but really didn’t. I know now to ask God to show me if there is anything in my heart that I need to clean-up or ask forgiveness for because He will. Our discussions have been so heartfelt that I am grateful to the friendships made in these eight weeks of class. It has been such a great class, thank you, Pastor J for leading us!

    • It has been my distinct pleasure Deb! It always amazes me how God can show us things we still have to work on even when we believe we have worked through them. So many times I finish with one of these”spiritual projects”. Only to have God bring me back to the beginning so I can dig deeper. With Him it seems to be all abut levels

    • I thought it was a good thought shared by Mcnaughton. I have really enjoyed leading this group. It has been far different in nature than any other group I have ever done and a bit fast paced but it has been really good.

  2. Our culture has the attitude that pain is bad and must be avoided. Certainly we ought not to seek pain, that’s masochistic and always contains a kind of prideful self-aggrandizement. But I’m convinced that pain is the only thing that makes us really willing to change. When we’re comfortable, we coast along in our habitual patterns…

    I like the part about spiritual warfare–pain has destructive and creative potential in our lives. Our battle is to allow God to transform us, and resist the enemy’s attempt to destroy us through our pain.

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