Lost And Found

This post was created in response to Rochelle’s post: FRIDAY FICTIONEERS.

Each week she sends out a writing prompt in the form  of a picture and her contributors must come up with a 100 word story.

You can read my story “Lost And Found” below.

The stories of Rochelle’s other contributing writers can be found at her blog


Copyright-John Nixon

      Merrit wound his way through the tangled forest praying with every step that he would find the lost sheep. Father had promised Merrit could keep the profits from the  wool if he could be responsible for the newborn. Of course Merrit had lost the lamb and with it his father’s respect.

The boy wiped a tear from the corner of  his eye.

“Unmanly” he cursed.

A wail pierced the  dale. Alarmed Merrit ducked under a snarl of vine-trees and  moved into the clearing. There nestled in the soft down of the missing lamb was a babe.

21 thoughts on “Lost And Found

    • Oh I hadn’t even thought of another lamb! That would be an interesting twist and a way to build on Merrit’s spirit of capitalism. I think the future tracks with more complexity if it is a human baby.

  1. Dear Joe,

    Please forgive the tardiness of this comment. It seems in the last week’s hustle and bustle I missed a few. Glad I came back and read your story. Lovely tale. Good for Merrit’s diligence.



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