Turbo Follow- Week 7



Cornerstone Church Winchendon is into week  7 of a congregation-wide study written by, Daniel McNaughton and Bryan Koch, entitled Follow: Learning To Follow Jesus. Each Sunday our pastoral staff is preaching from one of the seven attributes covered in the book while the congregation reads the daily devotions and participates weekly in a life group focused around the topic at hand.


The group I am tasked with leading has been dubbed “Turbo Follow”. Rather than approaching the class as a traditional Bible study we have chosen to act as an accountability group. The class begins with a brief overview of the daily devotionals. Then participants break into smaller, accountability groups. Each group participant asks questions of their fellows concerning the teachings. At the end of each class individuals are asked to decide what God would have them do in light of what they have learned. Then we pray for each other. This week we will be discussing: Learning to Pray

Last week we had our discussions on Learning to love and to look at ourselves through the lens of God’s love  Here is a synopsis of each day’s devotional material:


Day 1: Learning to trust God and His forgiveness.

Day 2: Learning, receiving and walking in God’s approval.

Day 3:  Learning to enjoy God’s acceptance.

Day 4: Learning that God and you can change you if you will work together.

Day 5: Learning to enjoy God’s peace

Here are the questions we asked of each other this week. I look forward to your responses!

  1. What was your goal last week. How well did you accomplish it?



  1. Put the five subjects from this week’s study in order for yourself from “best” to “needs the most work”.
    1. Trusting God’s forgiveness
    2. Receiving God’s approval
    3. Enjoying God’s acceptance
    4. Partnering with God to change
    5. Enjoying God’s peace



  1. What made you put number 1 as number 1?



  1. What made you put number 5 as number 5 ?



  1. What is God telling you to do to work on number 5 or is He telling you to work on another item and if so how?


Before I sign off I just wanted to point out a follow-up discussion several of us participated in on the subject of healing. If you want to add your voice to the mix you can find it here:

The Simple Complexity of Healing-    http://wp.me/p39vIx-Ze



3 thoughts on “Turbo Follow- Week 7

  1. For me my #1 the best one I thought was 1.Trusting God’s forgiveness and my #5 needs the most work was 5.Enjoying God’s peace. I know I have been forgiven and I don’t doubt it for a minute and because of some recent inner healing I feel God’s acceptance. Enjoying God’s peace has been difficult for me, for sometime now because I really could not understand why didn’t I feel it. My head said I should but my heart was still unsettled and I didn’t know why. Just voicing certain issues in last week’s class helped me identify what was holding me back from allowing myself to receive His peace. I want to say thank you to the small group I was in last week and to you, Pastor J for I truly have felt the peace of God this week. Praise God!

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