I Have No Idea.

100_1812My sister and I thought they might be giant replicas of Christmas bulbs but we thought we’d  sound really stupid asking.

Created for Cee’s Oddball post.


9 thoughts on “I Have No Idea.

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  2. It is definitely a blue football ready to be punted! Why someone would put it in the middle of the street is simple. It’s art! And no one wants to say it looks silly because that would be like the Emperor’s new clothes. No one but a little kid would have the courage to say something. The local government probably paid a nice amount to the “artist” for the honor. And the “artist” probably laughed all the way to the bank. But it is a great shot!

    • I did think of that Emilio. The problem is that this picture was taken in Holland. Over there Football is soccer and so if these were big blue footballs they would be round, unless of course it was made by that well known minority the Pennsylvania Dutch. 😉

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