C.cada: Writing Prompt

Deb is one of our dedicated artists!

DebBe Still and Listen

C.cada is a community for Christian artists to get together and practice their art work whether it be writing, painting, pencil drawings, water-color,  photography, wood carving, musical/instrumental, fabric art, etc.  Pastor J of Lillie-Put is the founder of C.cada (Cornerstone Christian Artist Day Apart) and we were given a group art project back in January of this year. He gave us this writing prompt (He heard the crunch of autumn leaves behind him.  He turned...) that had to be incorporated in the short story somehow and it had to be 500 words or less. All of the short stories will be displayed at the C.cada Art Show this October.  Here is my short story,  The Woods.


The Woods

He heard the crunch of autumn leaves behind him.  He turned slow but sure not to make a sound.  He peered around his son’s favorite oak tree; visibility was difficult for dusk was upon him. Nothing crossed his view, shrugging…

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