Life’s Little Contradictions

This week’s challenge from the daily post is JUXTAPOSITION. 

Life is a constant tension don’t you think? Maybe it comes from the fall of man in the beginning; But maybe it is just the way God made things to work. Perhaps the constant pulling of opposites upon one another in the world is what creates balance.

Could it be that eternity pulls on time to create sabbath?

Maybe Man’s free will poses side by side with the sovereignty of God to manifest true consecration.

Perhaps the everyday pushes up against the outlandish to give us diversity.


Maybe the serious connects to the silly to grant us the gift of laughter.


And it just might be that rest and rush are often found side by side to remind us that life’s choices always lie before us. It is our duty to embrace and rule them rather than be ruled by them; So today take a moment to stop your running. Set aside the stress and just listen for a bit to life’s music!


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13 thoughts on “Life’s Little Contradictions

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