A Tale of Two Cities

Ken has painted us a stark contrast here!


The book of Revelation is a tale of two cities, each represented by a woman.  According to Colin W. Smith, the author of many devotionals, the first city is Babylon (see Rev. 18), another manifestation of the tower of Babel, which reminds us that throughout human history, right up to the end of time, humanity will continue in its defiance of God. That city is represented by a prostitute.  The second city is Jerusalem, and it is represented by a bride.


There is all the difference in the world between a prostitute and a bride.  The prostitute sells herself; the bride gives herself.  The prostitute is motivated by greed’ the bride is motivated by love.  The world is divided between those who trade their lives for the things of this world and those who give themselves freely to the Lord.

Imagine the contrast of these two women, projected…

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