Pastor Wrinkles: House On Fire Pt. 19

The Word of God is a bridge that connects Earth with Heaven and Heaven with Earth.- Joseph Elon Lillie

The Word of God is a bridge that connects Earth with Heaven and Heaven with Earth.- Joseph Elon Lillie


Many thanks to LIllian and Debby who added their two cents into our last discussion on persecution in the church. If you missed the lesson and have some cents of your own to put in you can find our previous classes on my House On Fire Page

Now let’s begin today’s discussion in Acts chapter 8: 4-25

Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. 5 Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there. 6 When the crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed, they all paid close attention to what he said. 7 For with shrieks, impure spirits came out of many, and many who were paralyzed or lame were healed. 8 So there was great joy in that city.

Simon the Sorcerer

9 Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, 10 and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” 11 They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his sorcery. 12 But when they believed Philip as he proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. 13 Simon himself believed and was baptized. And he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw.

14 When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to Samaria. 15 When they arrived, they prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit,16 because the Holy Spirit had not yet come on any of them; they had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. 17 Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

18 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money 19 and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”

20 Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money!21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

24 Then Simon answered, “Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me.”

25 After they had further proclaimed the word of the Lord and testified about Jesus, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, preaching the gospel in many Samaritan villages.

The story of Philip in Samaria is a fairly well-known passage of Scripture. Apocryphal stories of Simon the Sorcerer abound. But I don’t want to spend much time focusing on Simon. I would like to focus on the immensity of these events extended to a people who were not Jewish. The church is branching out.

Please also note verse 12 … both men and women were baptized in Samaria. I think the mention of women being baptized is significant because the church here is beginning to break down the barrier  between men and women. While the Jews of the the first century were praying daily “God thank you that I am not a Gentile or a woman” Paul was beginning to preach to the Gentiles : “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, 27for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Gal. 3:26-29

Does the Acts 8:12 and the Galatians 3 passage effect or change the roles of men and women in the eyes of God? How?

I cannot wait to hear your answers on this one!

5 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: House On Fire Pt. 19

  1. Does the Acts 8:12 and the Galatians 3 passage effect or change the roles of men and women in the eyes of God? How? I believe the roles of men and women changed in the eyes of God the day His son gave His life for us. Jesus saw everyone the same it did not matter what your gender or nationality was. If we are saved by the blood of Jesus then we have the privilege to be called the children of God. The only way to the Father is through His son Jesus Christ so I believe when God looks upon His children He only sees the blood of Jesus.
    Jesus said, I have revealed you to them, and I will continue to do so. Then your love for me will be in them, and I will be in them. John 17:26 NLT

    • It is interesting that in this New Testament world while men and women do still have different personalities and ways of approaching life and challenges because of the gender distinction there is no longer a difference in the anointing or in the possibility of ministry leadership. God opens the possibility of power in the Holy Spirit to all believers regardless of race or gender.

  2. A controversial Topic, that is for sure Pastor J, yes as you said, Men and women are equal Spiritually in Christ Jesus but their roles are still different. Men were created to be in Leadership and Woman to be their Helpmates, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and also as a support and encourager Spiritually, this is a very high calling for woman and is in no way inferior or less then a man’s role it is one they cannot achieve without God’s empowering them through the Holy Spirit the same as Men in their Leadership role and when both Men and Woman accept their roles as from the Lord they will find fulfillment and be content. Men are to Cherise and have sacrificial Love putting their wife’s first, Women are to be in submission and respect their husbands

    As the Scriptures confirm there is a difference from a woman being an Evangelist by sharing God’s Truth, rebuking, correcting error or having the gift of Prophesy under His Authority, then her being an Ordained Preacher and in Authority over men. Sadly God’s guidelines in this area are being ignored. Also when a women preaches she does not have God’s anointing because she is not obeying Him, so her words have no power and do not plant good seeds, only God’s Truth spoken in obedience will not return to Him void and so she would be just sharing what she has been taught or worse speaking error. 1 Timothy 2:11-14

    The Lord has lead me to share His Truth concerning Men and Woman’s roles but it has been rejected or ignored, one woman Preacher after I shared all the Scripture that confirms it is not a woman’ role, then asked me to forget the Scripture and tell her why wouldn’t God want her to preach. I explained to her that we can’t put aside God’s inspired word, if He tells us something we don’t question it, we accept and obey His guidelines, He knows what is best.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • I do understand where you are coming from Anne but like most things in Scripture this is a truth held in tension. Paul did talk about how women were not to have authority over men and yet he made provision for women evangelists such as Priscilla and his list of ministers in Romans 16 was full of women who had viable ministries in the body of Christ. I think part of the tension held comes from a misunderstanding of offices of the church. There is a sense where the offices are service oriented rather than authority oriented. I have known woman who hold the offices of pastor, prophet, evangelist, and teacher and even some who in conjunction with their husbands have operated as apostles (which I believe speaks to the idea of modern missionary). THe office operates differently than it doesn in a man but nevertheless operates.

  3. I know what your saying Pastor J, some woman have chosen to disobey God the same as some men who let them but that does not make it right to do so nor would it if all woman took the role of a Pastor which is always in Authority over men, in the Church this is not our role. There were no woman Apostles in the early Church because this is a position of Authority but a woman can be a Helpmate to her Husband or Pastor who is in this role. One Translation of the Bible, changed the man’s name who was an Apostle to a woman’s name in a later Translation , I wonder why when they claimed the first one was all inspired by God but also it then contradicted other Scriptures.

    1 Timothy 2:11-14 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

    As I said before, a woman can serve in the Church under Authority and they did in the early Church, they can have Ministries and outreaches and have the gift of Evangelism, I’m often told I have but then we are all called to reach out with the Hope we have in The Lord by sharing His Truth.

    Woman can also be in Authority over other woman in the Church and Children too and we are all to rebuke sin, correct error. Woman can also have the gift of Prophesy the same as men under God’s Authority, but woman are not to Preach in Authority over men. In Scripture the word for Preach is Speak in the Church. Some say it was only meant for the early Church but that is not what God said as you can see below., we don’t break God’s laws to do what we want, we are not judged under the law but we obey it.

    1Corinthians 14: 34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.

    Some woman use Deborah to justify their right to be in leadership and Preach but Deborah rebuked Barak for wanting her to be in this position and as a Judge she was still within her role as a Helpmate to the Israelites and it was God who anointed her and placed her in this position not herself and she shared His Truth not what she thought. Also they came to Deborah, she did not preach in the Temple or in combined worship Later if you read on, Deborah confirmed she was a Mother which is always a position of submission and if you read further again, she encouraged Barak to take is rightful position of Leader and so he had the Victory.

    Christian Love from us both – Anne

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