Just say, no!

I thought these thoughts written by Ken were just awesome!


Having grown up as a teenager in the “free love–free drugs” period of the 1960’s and then later having been a teacher of teens and pre-teens, I have heard the phrase, Just say, no! many times.  Adults have tried to convince kids for decades that all they have to do is say, no, and then they will be able to abstain from sex or drugs or whatever.  Unfortunately, it’s a lot more difficult than that for most of us–even as adults.  But the Bible gives us a good model for how and when to just say, no!

Daniel was probably a teenager when he was taken captive to Babylon.  There, with some of his friends, he was raised as a Babylonian.  Imagine a teenager alone in a strange land with no parents or other relatives to watch over them.  Think of how difficult it must have been.  They were given a secular education…

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4 thoughts on “Just say, no!

  1. I taught the young people in the youth group that the best oral contraceptive was “No” but that it would be nigh on impossible to say “No” unless they first submitted to the Lord and allowed Him to speak through them. A few, many years later, have thanked me for good advice and for the fulfilment they had when they presented themselves pure to their husbands.

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