Friday Fictioneers: 9-6-13

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for another episode of Friday Fictioneers. Here is this week’s pictorial prompt


As always…let me encourage you to stop by Rochelle’s place and read a few of the many wonderful submissions she gets weekly.

Here is my offering.

The Dimension-board

Rita picked her nose with the broken door knob. Her therapist told her that the dimension-board was just a delusion created by her obsession with Jason. She knew better.

She picked up the  baby buggy from the bottom shelf of the dimension-board/ curiosity-shelf and spoke into the left wheel like she’d seen Jason do.

“Hello. This is Rita, Jason’s stalker. He’s been dragged into the forest by a big blue meanie. I’m coming  to get some help now.”

Rita  took hold of the shells in the corner and a then touched the yellow roller-skate.

The air hummed.

When the sheriff arrived all he found was the smashed door and a swatch of blue fur.

27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: 9-6-13

  1. Dear Joe,

    Funny she doesn’t look blue-ish. I’m not completely sure what happened here. Did the Blue Meanie come and eat her. Put me more in mind of a Yellow Submarine than a yellow roller skate.



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