Pastor Wrinkles: Ways or Deeds

He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel: Psm. 103:7 NIV

He made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel: Psm. 103:7 NIV


We discussed this verse of Scripture during our staff devotion this morning. I suppose a Bible study on the verse could lead to a discussion about the sovereignty of God versus the free will of man. But whichever way you choose to lean there is an intimation here that  what Moses was given (the knowledge of God’s ways) was far and away better than what the people of Israel were given (knowledge of His deeds).

Now while I see in Scripture that God is sovereign (and who wouldn’t see that) I also see in Scripture that man has free will. I can’t do anything about the sovereignty of God but I am fully able to choose my own will. So as far it concerns me I want to have the better part of Psalm 103:7. I want to know God’s ways!

As I was pondering this verse the Holy Spirit dropped three nuggets of grace into my soul that helped me to understand why knowing God’s ways is infinitely better than knowing just his deeds:

1. When I know God’s ways I no longer doubt the Holy Spirit’s motives. Knowing God’s character helps me not to be afraid of the move of the Holy Spirit in church. Conversely only knowing his deeds can leave me shaken and afraid like the children of Israel before the fires of Mt. Zion when His supernatural power moves in my life.

2. When I know God’s ways I become all that God wants me to become as an actor in His Divine Drama. When I only know his deeds I remain a spectator in the audience of the Jesus Show.


3. When I know God’s ways I understand that God can be relied on in every situation. When I only know his deeds I again doubt his motives and lean more towards  trying to solve all of my own issues.

I have to admit that as I read through these blessings of knowing God’s ways I am coming to understand I have some more knowing to grasp. Number three in particular is one I struggle with. How about you?

12 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Ways or Deeds

  1. Pastor J. – this is really good stuff. so much better to know God’s ways than deeds. I think that is what Jesus was saying to the boys when He said I no longer call you my servant, but my friend because a friend knows what is going on.

    We get to be friends to understand and serve as partners rather than slaves doing only what we are commanded and scratching our heads.

    I really like your application in #1 – when we know His ways, we trust Him with His church and #3 we trust Him with our lives.

    I say again – good stuff Pastor J.

  2. All that’s coming to my mind as I read this post is the analogy of building a solid foundation. So in other words, if someone really wants to know God’s ways then they will build a solid foundation in His word, therefore, knowing His character. On the other hand, if all you look at is His deeds and when trials come your way how solid is the foundation you are standing on? You don’t have a solid foundation because you don’t know God’s character or His ways.

  3. I really loved what He dropped into your head and you shared here with us! He has been talking to me about trusting Him vs taking care of things myself . .and knowing the difference! God bless you, Pastor J!

    • It’s an important lesson to learn. God has me in that place of honing right now where I am relearning the art of living by the Spirit rather than by my own strength. I thought I had it down. Apparently not.

  4. WOWZA, Pastor J–I need to print this out and ponder it leisurely, if you don’t mind. Too much good stuff to skim through. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

  5. It seems to me that the older I get, the more evidence I have that God’s way is always best. I am thankful for His patience in teaching/showing me His truths and giving me faith to believe and trust Him – but of course, I am still learning, and the tendency is always there to go ahead on my own. Praise God for the certainty that He will continue His work in me!

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