The Netherlands Day 4 1/2 and 5

Brenda and I left Amsterdam and trained to Delft.  By the time the train stopped at Delft station and we made it to the town square it was well past lunchtime. So we stopped at a little cafe called Rossio’s

Yummy fresh Dutch bread!

Yummy fresh Dutch bread!

After our lunch the waitress was kind enough to hail us a cab and we taxied to our hotel, a place on the outskirts of town called the Shanghai. We were surprised (though I suppose we shouldn’t have been) when all the channels on the tele were in Chinese.

But I don't speak Chinese!

But I don’t speak Chinese!

Fortunately we were given free tokens to the bar downstairs. When Brenda and I went to get our free coffee we noticed Ice Road Truckers was playing on the public set. So back in our room we fiddled a bit with our TV  and lo and behold English started coming out! Huzzah!

Not that we watched a whole lot because we were there to tour!

Here are some shots of Delft:

After visiting the Oude Kerk we visited the Nieuwe Kerk which is the burial-place for The Dutch Royal Family.

Hey! Come back tomorrow for more of Delft!

6 thoughts on “The Netherlands Day 4 1/2 and 5

    • It was a lovely place to stroll and just down the street there was a canal tour. It was a great way to see the city. I would say yes red is a very common color in Holland although they also like yellow and green.

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