The Netherlands 2013 Day 1

This journey does not begin on a plane. It begins in an art gallery. 100_1627My friend Clayton was playing at the Greater Gardner Area Art Show on Friday night the 12th. I felt I should go. I suppose it was work. I suppose it was relaxation. In my world the two things have a tendency to become blurred. Is work a got to or a get to ( If you are wondering about that read my post ? What about vacation? Is it a got to or a get to?

100_1628When you enjoy your work,  so much of it is an adventure. When you understand you are called to your position,  a day in the office can be the same as a plane trip to a foreign country.

100_1630You just never know what’s around the next corner: Pleasant surprise or terrifying trouble. When the Shepherd of your soul has sent you into a thing…when you know He is with you either thing becomes just a tool in His hand to bring blessing.

This is a good starting point.




6 thoughts on “The Netherlands 2013 Day 1

  1. Your last paragraph says it all. When we know we are in God’s will, no matter what happens, it brings an abundance of blessings.

    Waiting to hear what Clayton has to do with your trip . . .

    • Well his music sort of launched me into the great unknown. Even though I still had Sunday service and anewcomers luncheon I counted attending that art show as the launch of my vacation!

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