Pastor Wrinikles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 33


We have come to the part of this spiritual journey where review is necessary. With me God has to rehearse His lessons over and over so they make it deep into my thick French/Anglo/ Finnish head. I have learned to relish the review. It’s exciting to remind myself of what God has said to see what His Spirit has done from the beginning to see how I have changed.

Come review with me our Lenten lessons:

Lent Day 5- The questions:

1. How has your connection with God and with others grown this year?

2. In what ways have you grown this year in Christ-like maturity?

3. Are you serving God according to your Spiritual giftings?  your heart?  your abilities?  Your personality? Your experiences?

4. How are you intentionally sharing your faith with unbelievers?

5. How has your public and private worship life grown in the last year?

Lent Day 6- Questions of the day: Have you ever been afraid of a road God told you to walk down? What did you do? 

Yes. In the past I have practiced avoiding the roads even if that took me a long way around. It took me many years in my walk with God to realize there was no getting away from the troubles. If I didn’t face them in one particular roadway the fearful thing would pop up on another road.

In light of that here was the real question of the day:

How am I at  developing authentic community within my church family?

How am I doing in the area of loving others? Giving grace to others? Forgiving others? (I guess that’s three in one but OK) Read I Corinthians 13 before answering this one.

Which of those questions scares you the most?


Lent Day- 7   Question of the day How can I grow this year to become more like Christ?

At the time of the writing I said this: Food has been an addiction to which I have turned all my life. During the 21 day spiritual journey in January God gave me a vision for losing forty pounds. But I am coming to see that the goal is a measuring stick for a much deeper spiritual work God wishes to do inside me. These journeys into the world of fasting are about gaining control of my appetites and addictions so that Christ may have the preeminence.

As of today I have lost twenty-six pounds. I have found that I am enjoying the vegetarian diet I am on. I am even enjoying living without caffeine!

Lent Day 8-  Questions of the day: How can I better serve God and others? 

What can you change with God’s help to make you a better servant to God’s people?

For myself it has been about living my schedule more faithfully and learning to say “No!” to things I know don’t match up with God’s revealed service plan for my life.


Which of these lessons spoke most to you?



6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinikles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 33

  1. Sharing faith and looking after my body (I need to lose weight) are the two that most called out to me. I was an Atheist so I suppose I have a good understanding of what Christians do wrong when evangelising.

    • I am with you on these Calire. I have been doing well with the weight thing and sharing faith with family has been a real blessing during this season of Lent. The Bible series on TV has opened up some good conversations! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great job, Pastor J in dropping 26 lbs, I have lost 10 lbs and pleased to say I can now start exercising secondary to the decrease in my chest pain. This will certainly help me with the weight loss. Learning to become more Christ like will help me to better serve God and others. I am learning to conquer one addiction at a time. During this Lenten fast I have been on a lacto-ovo vegetarian eating plan and I actually like it. My next addiction to conquer is caffeine, I am presently at 1/2 decaf & 1/2 caff coffee now. My plan is to move to 3/4 decaf & 1/4 caff this week then to 100% decaf coffee next Sunday. My goal is to be caffeine free by Easter.

    • This is awesome Deb! I have beenm working on my food addictions. I am with you on the caffeine. I think PEanut Butter was a great downfall of mine and of course the high fat my body is still craving those free radicals.

  3. I come to your blogs with mixed feelings. I dread the searching questions, but I appreciate the opportunities for growth – and I love the results of facing them and having the Lord give new insights.

    I have copied the questions and I use them for review and prayer points. Thanks.

    • You and me both sister. Some of these questions have reduced me to my knees. That is always good but frequently painful. Yet I am grateful for the Spirit’s probing inside my heart. It is bringing me to greater glory I know!

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