Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 30


John Maxwell writes, “No matter how hard you try you cannot consistently behave in a way that is inconsistent with how you see yourself.”

Who am I?  is the question of the day but maybe that is a little too broad to be answered easily. So let me narrow the parameters for you a bit:

What five words would you use to describe yourself (* you cannot use words that define what you do such as contractor, nurse, or parent)?

John Maxwell goes on to say, ” Your answer (to the question “who am I?”) will drive what you do and how you act. In order to protect our identities, the “face” we wear alone must be the same as the one we wear in public. Without consistency, our lack of identity will impact our character, and in turn-our talent.” 

When we do not have a proper understanding of who God made us to be then we shut down our potential to achieve the God-visions of our lives. If God has given us dreams then He has already put the potential inside us to fulfill it.

When you first realized what the God-dream was you probably said what I did “I can’t do that because I’m…”

You already filled in the blank didn’t you? That word you used (to dumb, too poor, too sick, too busy, too untalented) THAT word needs to go in your list of five words from above because it is how you see yourself in relation to God’s vision. That understanding of who you are is one of the things holding you back.

We need to start defining ourselves as, the people of the God dream. We need to realize that He chose to give the dreams to us because He already put everything we needed along the pathways we are going to travel as we pursue our God-dreams!

Is there as word in your list of five that God would have you work on?

How did you come to define yourself that way?

What needs to happen for you to see yourself differently?


6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 30

  1. I don’t have time to think up answers to your questions tonight, but I will tell you something cool: way back whenever it was that you first started talking to us about dreams, asking what ours were–I said I didn’t really have any. Now I have one, and I’m working toward realizing it–so thanks for helping with the process and progress! God bless you and the fam–love, sis Caddo

  2. My five words: fat, compassionate, encouraging, caring, and kind. God is having me work on word “fat” on my list. I need and am working on changing the weight issue as well as the insecurities tied to it. How did I come to define myself this way well from years of verbal/emotional abuse. What needs to happen for me to see myself differently is inner healing and God is placing me in the paths of others to help me accomplish this. The further I go in this journey the more God wants to heal me. What a gentle and kind God that He does this one layer at a time. Praise God and thank you, Pastor J for bringing such questions to us.

  3. >> “What five words would you use to describe yourself”
    The first word that comes to mind is ADOPTED: adopted by the perfect Father God as His own blood-bought child – and that defines everything else about me, because I am my Father’s child, and He works in me to produce His likeness.
    Then I think of how PRIVILEGED I am.

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