Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 21

Tomorrow is our church staff’s first group coaching session. For the last two weeks we have been filling out  surveys regarding learning styles and personal approaches to team building. I have to tell you I am excited about this opportunity that has been  provided for us. My excitement indicates a big change in mental attitude. Two years ago I would approach trainings like this with great fear and judgment. Now I find them synergistic.

This morning our coach sent us three questions to consider as we prepare for the session tomorrow:

1. What areas should we develop? Maybe this question would be  better asked…
“What area(s) should be developed first? There is so much to work on as we prepare for the move of God that is coming and is even now upon us. But what can we work on together as a staff?
I am learning that while God is constantly moving in a thousand ways about me I can only join Him in a few of those movements at a time. So what does God want us to focus on now?
If the rest of the staff is like me they have created a huge list of “vision” things for the year. Yet I know that we are not called to be overwhelmed. While God has given us a vision that stretches perhaps far into the future we only have to concern ourselves with the step we are on now.  So how can we know what is supposed to be first on our list? By asking question 2.
What area if  focused on would make the biggest difference for us?
I think for us this has to be discipleship, leadership training and activation. We need both to raise up new leaders and to put them into action while at the same time continuing to change the paradigm of the congregation to a lay- led model; But those are just my thoughts. I am interested to see how all our ideas work together tomorrow to come out with a direction for the next quarter.
What is holding us back from being the best that we can be?
As a staff I think the only thing that holds us back is intentional unity behind a purpose. I am holding out great hope that tomorrow’s session will show me how some of the things God shared with me at the beginning of the year fit into the big picture of what God is doing in the church.
So how about you in your personal life, family life, corporate life, church life…
What areas should  you develop?
What area focused on would make the biggest difference for you?
What is holding you back from being the best that you can be?

8 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Lenten Journey Pt. 21

  1. I really love how you are excited about this, Pastor J, and praying with you , to see God’s hand moving mightily within the congregation. I am asking Him those questions too . ..especially touched by just being concerned about the step I’m on now, so as not to get overwhelmed. God bless you and yours!

  2. Wow, I had a vision or dream a while back and thought it just that, a dream. Then I heard of a conversation that took place and it fell right in line with this dream that I’m now questioning to be a vision from the Lord. It’s amazing how he puts or lines people up into His perfect plan, not ours. I can’t wait to see this come to light although it seems to be far off in the future.
    On to your questions, I need to focus on self-discipline and develop my leadership skills. God has shown me another vision that I feel will come to life sooner than the one mentioned above. Developing my self-discipline in all aspects of my life would improve other areas like leadership, organization, etc… So self-discipline is where I need to focus, it is what would make the biggest difference, and it is what holds me back. Thank you Pastor Jay for your continued obedience.

  3. These are good Church growth questions – and good individual growth questions, which must come before Church growth will be effective.

    I constantly asked myself similar questions when I was heavily engaged in ministry. I was a great self-motivator. Now, I am no longer in such an active ministry, I am wondering if I have become lazy. Have I just WRONGLY accepted that these things no longer apply? Maybe they don’t to the same extent as they did, but they DO still apply. 100% commitment is still necessary. This is something I must consider further. Thanks.

    • Thanks for this honest reply Angela. I think we are called to ask the questions to whatever degree they apply in all of life remembering that we are immortal beings and that though our present bodies fail us we shall receive new ones in which we will be back to asking the questions in relation to how we rule and reign in eternity.

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