A New Face For An Old Blogger

Welcome to “Lillie-Put”! This blog is a new face for an old blogger. If you have followed my last bit on “Reinventing the We’ll”, you will know that after three years, the time has come for a face-lift, a reinvention if you will.

So much has changed for me during my three years of writing “RTW”: I have  retired from youth pastoring. My  kids have grown up and spread their wings. I have become  single (that’s not an advertisement by the way I am strictly a one- life-one-wife guy) and since “Reinventing the I’ll” doesn’t have the same ring I thought…”Let’s just start over”.

So since this blog will be all about my take on: life, God, ministry, art, travel and writing I thought you might like to know that this is how “Lillie-Put” it.

The categories are simply organized:

Pastor Wrinkles Category(or as we say it in New England Pastah Wrinkles) will bring you to all my devotional and ministry articles including: Chapter Charts and sermons.

the C.cada Category will keep you up to date on our artist’s community here in Winchendon MA.

The Stories Category will let you travel along on all my writing escapades.

The For Family & Fun Category will take you to all the doings in the Lillie household as well as all the fun stuff I am doing with my blogging friends.

And finally…

The Travel and Photography Categories…  do you really need the explanation?

I hope you have a great time wandering around Lillie-Put. Come anytime I’ll leave a lantern burning!


20 thoughts on “A New Face For An Old Blogger

  1. Love the new look Pastor J! Could you please tell me the location of your cover picture with the breath taking landscape & crystal blue water? Debby showed me how to get to this point in your blog (Thanks Deb). God has Blessed you with such gifts which in turn blesses me, thank you for your obedience to Him.

    • I am glad you finally found it and figured out how to comment Sandy. I have no idea where the picture is from really. I just call it the shores of “Lillie-put” 🙂

      • Ha!

        I was as green as you were … if not greener 🙂 April 19 will be year 3 for me! We encouraged and empowered each other to the glory of his name.

        So thankful to have been a part of your journey. Let’s keep praying for each other.


      • lol.

        I was bolstered by the confidence that the faithful bloggers poured over me. 🙂 I passed on as they poured out. The Word says God placed the lonely in families… I was a ‘lonely newbie’ when a bunch of bloggers reached out and connected. Theresa was the first person I met online, and since then, I have been blessed to meet many wonderful believers with the same desire to live for God, regardless.

        We do well at lifting each other to the throne of grace 😉

        Thanks for the prayers. I have another deadline nipping at my heels, … BUT GOD!

        Many more blessings and Happy New Beginnings!

  2. Jay,
    New site looks SWANK! Looking forward to seeing and hearing all the Lord is doing….now I am off to the post…as I missed a package delivery. carrying a 14 pound box home should be fun!:)

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