Weekly Smile #16

This post is in response to TRENT’S WEEKLY SMILE CHALLENGE.

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

The idea is that every week everyone can find at least one thing that makes them smile.

This week was my daughter’s 26th birthday.  This girl has brought so much joy and pride to my life. Amanda is a great overcomer and I am so glad to be called her Dad.



Weekly Smile #13

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

It is time once again for a weekly smile with Trent. If you have never read the weekly smile go to Trent’s blog HERE.

This week my smile is from Saturday. Our church hosted an Easter Egg Hunt and we had about 350 people come out to it. Fully half of those folks were from the surrounding communities. It was a great day of building community.


An Ogungquit Smile

This week I am joining Trent for HIS WEEKLY SMILE CAMPAIGN. You can join in the fun by clicking the underlined link. Here are some GUIDELINES TO FOLLOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN.


This week I got to watch the sunrise at Ogungquit Beach, Maine. It has been months since I had a break away like this. It was truly relaxing. If it had not been so cold I might have played in the surf with the gulls.