Staycation Pt. 4

Since I had little money to spend on extravagances this year I chose to take several free galavants through the countryside  for my vacation.

One of the places I hiked was Doane’s Falls in Royalston MA. Doanes is just at the outlet of the Miller’s River as it makes its way into the Tully Dam spillway.

2009-07-03 17.28.50

The first time I walked the falls was with my grandparents when I was a little boy. I don’t think I have walked all the way through to Tully since.

2009-07-03 17.30.48.jpg

Usually the head waters of the falls are broiling making it very dangerous to swim. Many a diver has jumped into the pool never to reemerge. With the little rainfall we have had the first falls are reduced to a mere trickle of their usual volume.


The second falls

2009-07-03 18.01.55-3.jpg

The third falls

2009-07-03 18.15.29-2.jpg2009-07-03 18.15.09

Several boasters were taking advantage of the summer heat out on the Tully Dam waterway. It was a beautiful summer day and the whole hike took me about an hour and a half. When you visit bring plenty of water, bug spray and mind the poison ivy!



Staycation Pt. 3

This vacation was about prayer. It was about rest, and it was about  the day trips.

For my daughter’s birthday I promised her a book crawl. That’s kind of like a pub crawl with books instead of alcohol. 

We headed out early on Saturday morning the 23rd. The Book Mill in Montague is a must see for book lovers.

We  stopped for a photo op with the tardus 

We stopped to visit a piece of family history. 

And for lunch.

I did buy several titles that morning.

Then we headed North. Sadly all the other book stores we checked out were closed. 

So we stoped for banana splits. 

Another book crawl is planned for the fall. Next time we will head South and West.

Staycation Pt. 2

So I wrote yesterday about my prayer goals during my recent staycation. I feel like God is leading me through some life change and that is a really good thing. I feel like I am gaining a clearer focus and while some tough choices may lie ahead I think that they will ultimately take me to the place where God really wants me to focus my energy.

But I also found some time to relax during this vacation. I actually spent the better part of one day in bed for a much needed rest.

I finished another book.

I went to breakfast with my friend Jody.

And I saw two movies. I went to one with my friend Gerry and I saw the Bourne movie by myself.




How do you like to spend your vacations?