#100happydays Days 62-65

I am not sure how I got ahead of my friend Nicole at Just Live It, but somehow I am about 20 days up on her!

Maybe I just got going so fast in life I managed to cram a couple of days at a time into 24 hour periods. 

Anyway today I am making up for lost time and am showing all my happiness for the last four days.



I am happy for the relaxed contented attitude the Lord has been helping me to maintain this summer.


I am happy for all the good work The Winchendon Enhancement Committee has been able to accomplish this summer from this building.


I am happy to live in a picturesque community.

100_4626And I am happy that moving my daughter to Medford MA went off without a hitch giving me some time to sit and take these pictures from her back porch.

Praise HandsRemember happiness and contentment are found on the inside not the outside.  All clouds have silver-linings and gold stands out best on a black background