Last Photo Of 2020

Bushboys World , has challenged us to show our last photo from 2020.

This is mine:

This is the moon breaking through the final clouds of 2020 as it rises over my back yard and the Catholic Church behind my house.

Weekly Writing Prompt 17: Prophetic Song For the New Year

It is time to write my last poem of 2015. Using the Secret Keeper’s list of words I am choosing to use the Shadorma form  to sing my way into the 2016.

My necessary words this week are:  | PART | STONE | FLAW | STRICT | NOTE |

Prophetic Song For the New Year


by JE Lillie

Still as stone

The old year sounds dead.

Flawed strict notes

Cannot be

Played again. Their parts undone,

I sing a New Year.

Flaws begin

With new notes unheard.


Parts falter.

Strict rhythms fall apart like

Water crumbling stones .

A cycle

Then more than a song


Flawed strict notes

My new theme a stone in place

 Part  of larger work.