Travel Theme: Flutter

This week Ailsa has asked us to MAKE HER HEART FLUTTER WITH OUR PHOTOS.

So here are some flutterings from around the world.


Snow flutters at last in WInchendon MA. We have had precious little snow this season and we desperately need the moisture.


Flutter dancers with City On A Hill Productions, Ashby MA


The Flag flutters on the Boston Harbor Water Taxi



The fluttering of pigeon wings in Dam Square.


Iccharus flutters to Earth, Philadelphia Art Museum

Fun Fotos of Blue Or Purple Flowers!


This week Cee has encouraged us to have fun with BLUE AND PURPLE FLOWERS.

Check out all the blue and purple flowers others contributed by clicking on the underlined link.

A special big thank you to Cee Neuner who chose me as one of her featured bloggers this week. Check out her other featured bloggers for the week here:

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Here are my blues and purples:






By the Zuiderzee


Weekly Travel Theme: Move

Ailsa’s blog has asked us to show us how our travels MOVED US. To see other moving pictures click the capitalized link. Here are my moving shots.

The wind moves on the water taxi on Boston Harbor

The wind moves on the water taxi on Boston Harbor

This is one of my newest pictures. It captures the wind unfurling the flag on the water taxi that crosses Boston Harbor. My publishers and I took a ride the day we signed contracts on my book

The Bird Man of Amsterdam

The Bird Man of Amsterdam

I caught this man feeding the pigeons in the courtyard of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

The Trio

The Trio

This was actually part of a drama exercise my sister taught in one of her classes at Azusa College, in Holland.


This picture was taken along the Zuiderzee

One Colour!

Ailsa has challenged us to find one color travel photos.

Visit Ailsa and her other subscribers at Where’s My Backpack?

Here are my one colour travel shots…

Fields of cows in Cashel

Fields of cows in Cashel

If you can block out the cows this photo is pretty green.


Cashel is not all green though.


The Ducks of Ross Castle.

Church window

The wall of the YWAM café in Amsterdam.


Dogwoods in Phoenixville PA.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Industrial

It’s a revolution! Cee has asked us to show her:INDUSTRIAL ( see what I did there? Industrial? revolution? Get it?)

Anyway here’s an industrial strength link that will take you to Cee’s place so you can see what her other contributors fabricated.

Thank you! I’ll be here all night!


One of Ireland’s biggest industries


Inside the Guinness brewery

The industry of North Amsterdam

The industry of North Amsterdam


Netherlands 2013 A Walk To the Jagersfeld

One of the great blessings I experienced during my recent trip to the Netherlands was a visit with my sister’s friends Willem and Mirjam Jackson. The Jackson’s have been good enough to open their home to me on both of my trips to North Holland and to extend the right hand of fellowship.

On this trip we all took a three hour tour of the neighborhood including a walk through the Jagersfeld (hunter’s field).

A view of  the neighborhood

A view of the neighborhood

This neighborhood is near Willem and Mirjam's complex. It is a walk only neighborhood.

This neighborhood is near Willem and Mirjam’s complex. It is a walk only neighborhood.


Sheep in the "walk only" neighborhood.

Sheep in the “walk only” neighborhood.


One of my sister's favorite houses...only 800,000

One of my sister’s favorite houses…only 800,000

An island home

An island home



A Dutch farm

A Dutch farm

The Jagersfeld

The Jagersfeld

We finished the day with Witloaf

We finished the day with Witloaf