The Road Through Romans: Love


Now that we are finished with our conversation on the GOD CONSPIRACY.  We can get back to our study through the Book Of Romans. If you recall we have been discussing the attributes of God from the stand point of Romans 1:20.

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

If you have missed any of our discussions on these attributes you can find them on THE ROAD THROUGH ROMANS PAGE.

Today we are going to speak about God’s attribute of love. Watch this.


So where do we see the attribute of love revealed in the creation? Well, while the power of sin has done so much to warp our ability to recognize the qualities of God in the creation, these attributes cannot be blotted out. Of all God’s attribute love is the strongest. Its imprint can be seen all throughout the creation, but perhaps nowhere is it seen more clearly than in a parent’s sacrificial love for a child.


Gutters For Jesus Pt. 3


Lisa Johnson is not only a very talented artist she is the third member of our Gutters for Jesus team helping to raise funds for Special Touch REACH New England. This vital ministry to the disabled meets monthly to encourage community and to proclaim the gospel to one of the most underserved groups in the world.

One of our goals is to help churches become more aware of how they can serve the disabled in their own community. Recently two of our core group met with a local children’s ministry to do a training on how to work with children on the autism spectrum.

To help us in reaching our fundraising goals at Special Touch REACH New England go HERE.



Gutters For Jesus Part 2


This is my friend Jody. He is one of the members of my bowling team Gutters For Jesus. Together we are raising funds for Special Touch REACH New England. REACH stands for Respecting Everyone’s Ability to Choose Hope.

This ministry to the disabled has been a valued part of my life for several years. The friends I have made and the opportunities I have had are among the most treasured memories of my life.

I am 27% of the way to my total goal of $500.00. Please consider helping out. You can donate HERE.

Christmas Party

This weekend was our Special Touch Disabilities Ministry Christmas Party. It was hosted by Bread Of Life Church in Westminster MA. Over a hundred folks from the disabled community came together to worship and fellowship . Here are some pics.

Preaching about love, joy, peace and hope.

Guests at the dinner table

Christmas greetings


Praying together.