Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: We Carry Our Weather.


This week Cee has challenged us to show her THE WEATHER IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Click the capitalized link to see weather from around the world.

I have learned a few things about the weather in my time…


Sometimes it’s easy to walk above our weather. At certain moments we think we have it all in hand and life’s little problems seem beneath us however irritating they might be.


Then there are those moments when the weather rises up and engulfs us. We can’t rise above it because it’s coming from above. We have to learn how to live in it one shovelful at a time.


But the truth is that whatever the weather is doing around us, whether the clouds are thick and gloomy…


Whether the rain is falling down or…


the sun is shining high, it is we who choose how the weather effects us. We decide if the snow and rain are blessings or barriers. We carry our own weather.