A Word A Week: Play

Well here’s a challenge I haven’t taken in a while:

Sue gives us a word a week to photograph. This week her chosen word is: PLAY

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Here is how I saw it.

Always remember… “When we engage in what we are naturally suited to do, our work takes on the quality of play and it is play that stimulates creativity. “
Linda Naiman  

As I said earlier today, it’s all work and it’s all play if you enjoy it!

A Word A Week: Cross

Sue has challenged us with the word :CROSS this week.

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This seems like a challenge right up my alley. I am wholly indebted to the cross of Christ. My life is lived in light of the cross of Calvary! I am nothing without His cross or his resurrection!

“…the cross is part of salvation. Jesus didn’t purchase Christianity without a cross and Christians cannot live Christianity without a cross.” JE Lillie


This post is written in response to Sue’s A Word A Week Challenge which this week has to be on the topic : ORANGE

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Here is my orangeness! Oompaloompahs arise!

Perhaps not what you meant but this is the tomb of William of Orange and the Orange family

Perhaps not what you meant but this is the tomb of William of Orange and the Orange family


Sort of orangy red in the yellow

Sort of orangy red in the yellow


The Bull Dog decorated for the coronation of the Netherland’s new king

Watching From the Window

This post was created for: A Word A Week Photography Challenge


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The world goes by, and what have I to do with it? I merely observe how the geese stretch their necks towards the orange rim of sky. I watch how light fades and children make their way home, hungry and tired. The bushes outside become ghosts while baths run and kitchen windows steam up with the cooking. This is the smell of our home, where I have a place in the wrinkled hours making beds and hugging boys awake. This is the sound of the house where I feel out lives into words, translate ragged nights and days into something whole, or try to. You may look if you wish….. The world goes by, and what have you or I to do with it, except perhaps for looking… ?” 
― Jay WoodmanSPAN