Prophetical-Priestly Quotes 12


” The recovery of spiritual health will be nothing less than a supernatural miracle. Such miracles which amount to reversals of human character, dwarf the so-called miracles of nature. The church can exist without the latter but it will die without the former.” Darius L. Salter

If It Weren’t for Bad Luck…

We can find contentment no matter what our circumstances.


According to Wikipedia, Tsutomu Yamaguchi was a survivor of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings during World War II. Although at least 160 people are known to have been affected by both bombings, he is the only person to have been officially recognized by the government of Japan as surviving both explosions.  A resident of Nagasaki, Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on business for his employer Mitsubishi Heavy Industries when the city was bombed at 8:15 am, on August 6, 1945. The following day, he returned to Nagasaki and, despite his wounds, also returned to work on August 9, the day of the second atomic bombing. In 1957, he was recognized as a hibakusha (explosion-affected person) of the Nagasaki bombing, but it was not until March 24, 2009 that the government of Japan officially recognized his presence in Hiroshima three days earlier. He died of stomach cancer on January…

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“Seasons of Woosh!”


Are they servants of Christ? I am a better one—I am talking like a madman—with far greater labors, far more imprisonments, with countless beatings, and often near death. 24 Five times I received at the hands of the Jews the forty lashes less one. 25 Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked; a night and a day I was adrift at sea; 26 on frequent journeys, in danger from rivers, danger from robbers, danger from my own people, danger from Gentiles, danger in the city, danger in the wilderness, danger at sea, danger from false brothers; 27 in toil and hardship, through many a sleepless night, in hunger and thirst, often without food,2 in cold and exposure. 28 And, apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches. 29 Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is made to fall, and I am not indignant?

30 If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness….For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor. 11:23-30, 12:10

“Seasons of woosh” are those times in life when the world spins so fast past you, that you really cannot do anything more than hold on for dear life and scream “Jesus!”

Paul lived in a long “season of woosh” that resulted in his writing  a good part of the New Testament while founding the Gentile church.

As I read about his life here in 2 Corinthians I am thinking that his “season of woosh” was not much fun. Productive? Yes! Adventurous? Yes! Satisfying? Definitely! Fun? Maybe not so much, at least not by our American/European standards of fun. Oh, who am I kidding, no one considers beatings or shipwrecks fun but they were the price Paul paid to be a part of birthing the church. It sounds down right uncomfortable to me.

It makes me wonder how anybody takes a serious read through the Bible and comes up with the idea that Christianity is supposed to make us comfortable. Since I’ve read the Book through several times now I wonder why I squawk every time God brings me into a “season of woosh.”

The Christian life is supposed to challenge us.

The Christian life is supposed to be bigger than we can live in our own power.

We ought to look at God’s commands and utter an “I can’t do this.”

Once we have gotten to that place, then we can turn to God and say “If you want it done, You’re going to have to do it through me.”

If you are in a “season of woosh” right now let me encourage you,

let go of the expectation of fun.  


Embrace the fruit that this season is producing.

Embrace the adventure.

Embrace the satisfaction that comes with doing the impossible thing you are called to do with God’s help!