Color Your World Wild Strawberry

I am coloring the world WILD STRAWBERRY today with a bunch of other photographers. If you would like to see all the wild strawberry posts please click the underlined link.

Here are my wild strawberry matches.





Color Your World Unmellow Yellow

This afternoon I am coloring my world UNMELLOW YELLOW  in order to catch up with Jen and her other contributors on the color your world challenge.

It seems like I am always behind but at least I have made every post in this series so far.

Click the link above to find all the unmellow yellow posts at Jen’s blog site.

Here is mine.


Strange thing is I think this yellow is kind of mellow.




This is pretty close


Color Your World Turquoise Blue

Once again I am behind. The weekend was wicked busy (that’s a New Englandism for very busy). Then I came down with this terrible cold that has been going around the church. I spent most of yesterday afternoon and last night in bed with a box a Kleenex. I cancelled all my meetings for last night and haven’t had time to write in days.

So today I am playing catch up with Jennifer and several of the other blogs I follow.

This morning I am coloring my world TURQUOISE BLUE.

You can find all the turquoise blue posts by clicking that underlined link.

Here is mine: