Color Your World Tumbleweed

As I launch into the day today I am coloring my world TUMBLEWEED.

You can find lots of Tumbleweed photos by clicking the link above.

Tumbleweed looks like this



And this


And maybe this!


Color Your World Tropical Rain Forest

I just love the warmth that is coming over my little portion of the Earth right now. The warmth reminds me that summer is coming and summer reminds me of the color TROPICAL RAIN FOREST, which just happens to be the next color challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells. You can find all Jen’s contributors for this color by clicking the underlined link.

Here are my additions to the collection




Torc Falls 1

Color Your World Sunglow

Once again I have been gone from the SPHERE for a few days and so I am behind on the coloring of my world.

No worries I will son catch up. I am starting with this post of SUNGLOW photos.

You can see how other artists interpreted the theme by clicking the word “SUNGLOW” underlined above.

Here are my sunglow matches.


Color Your World Sky Blue

I am maintaining my pace with the challenge! In case you hadn’t guessed I am pretty proud of this. One of the things I have really struggled with over the last year was consistency in posting. It is getting better!

Today I am coloring the world SKY BLUE. You can click the underlined link to see lots of sky blue but here are my matches for the shade.